• Conor Sports, S.A. will respect and enforce the dignity, privacy and personal rights of each employee. Maintain a workplace free from verbal or physical discrimination or harassment, especially on the basis of sex, religion, age, race or origin.
  • Employees who feel that these principles are not being adhered to may raise their concerns directly with management.
  • Teamwork will be promoted based on trust, cooperation and communication.
  • Exclusively professional criteria based on preparation, attitude and knowledge will be applied in the recruitment process. people's patience.
  • A safe working environment will be provided by maintaining a demanding prevention of occupational risks as well as offering its workers a health surveillance system.


  • Professionalism: Any decision taken, will be based on professional criteria in favor of Conor Sports, S.A. within the law, always avoiding arbitrary decisions that favor or harm third parties.
  • Conflict of interests: Decisions that affect the interests of the company and in turn its own interests or those of third parties with whom it has a family or personal relationship shall always be avoided. The personnel with the capacity to decide to buy, hire, carry out or decide on operations of an economic nature or with economic implications shall always act in the interests of the Company. Any conflict situation must be reported to the management.
  • Competition: To act professionally in accordance with the principle of free competition in relations with our partners, customers or competitors.
  • Confidentiality: We do everything possible to ensure that confidential information is protected with a strict data protection policy for the good of the company, our customers, employees and other collaborators. We assume that company information is confidential or competitively sensitive, and that unless expressly authorized, it will not be disclosed to persons outside the organization.
  • Suppliers. We expect our suppliers to meet the same standards of integrity that we work with. An immoral or illegal act by a supplier can damage the reputation of Conor Sports, S.A. Therefore, all suppliers must comply with our Code of Conduct as a condition of doing business with us. Our suppliers include any third party, such as consultants, service providers or suppliers of raw materials or final products.


  • Customers are the main reason for our business. They should be treated with respect, professionalism, promptness and efficiency.
  • Any suggestions for improvement will be heard.
  • We will act in accordance with the principle of free competition, avoiding in particular price agreements with competitors that could be detrimental to our customers, as well as the dissemination of false or misleading information.
  • Maximum transparency will always be sought within the limits of data protection.S


  • The first commitment of Conor Sports, S.A. is to always comply with the applicable legislation in the countries where it operates and to pursue violations by collaborating with the law.
  • The recipients of this code shall refrain from promoting or participating in any type of money laundering operation and shall report any operation of which they are aware.
  • Accounting principles. Conor Sports, S.A. is committed to act and reflect the financial situation of the company according to the legally established accounting rules and procedures. Ensure that the necessary records are completed to properly document management decisions and their corresponding authorizations.


The company develops its activity within an environment that it shares with society as a whole.

Both the company and its stakeholders have the right to live in it and share it in a way that preserves the health and quality of life of all. It is therefore an ethical and moral obligation of the company to maintain a healthy environment, minimizing its impacts and making a rational use of natural resources, controlling pollution, effectively managing waste and the life cycle of products, as well as air pollution, water and solid waste.

Similarly, conserving and saving energy and other resources, and minimizing the negative effects produced in different ways, are some of the responsibilities required of the company. It is bound by values such as respect, integrity and solidarity, which commit it to working for a sustainable world.